Trainer / M.H.K / B.H.K

Remi Sovran is a former competitive hockey player who suffered a severe lower back injury that left him agonized with sciatica and depression.  Frustrated with the medical system and a lack of results, Remi took his recovery into his own hands.


As a Human Kinetics undergraduate student at the time, Remi had a good understanding of the human body and began to advance his knowledge by reading research articles on the spine. From these, Remi created his own rehab program, allowing him a  pain free recovery and a return to athletics.


Remi adds to the JS Fitness team with his strong passion for helping people to overcome lower back pain,  allowing them to enjoy a physically fit lifestyle.  Remi emphasizes that injury does not mean that you cannot exercise- you just need to be guided by the right trainer.

  • Master of Human Kinetics with a concentration in Exercise Physiology

  • Bachelor of Human Kinetics with Distinction and Minor in Psychology

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

  • Toronto Raptors Strength and Conditioning Coach Intern

  • Windsor Spitfires Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach