AGATSU Certified Trainer

Michael’s fitness journey began when he was an overweight adolescent. He knew nothing about working out or nutrition; all he had were a few Men’s Health magazines, a pair of running shoes and My Fitness Pal.


In a single summer he completely transformed his body, going from a couch potato who didn’t know how to skip rope, to a lean fit individual.  He used only bodyweight movements and running to achieve his goals and this is where Michael’s passion sparked for whole foods, working out and overall health and wellness.


Since then, Michael has trained in many facilities, trying his hand at typical bodybuilding workouts such as: Crossfit, Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Kettlebells and Yoga.


Michael considers himself to be incredibly detail oriented with his training and with his clients.  He has suffered through and recovered from, his own low back injury; dealing with low back pain for 2 years taught him how to safely and effectively modify workouts for himself which he now confidently incorporates into his client’s workouts.


Since connecting with Jonathan at JS Fitness, Michael has learned a whole new way of working out – combining all of his favourite movements and turning the intensity up to 11! JS Fitness has allowed Michael to deal with a wide variety of clients, honing his skills as a trainer and perfecting his craft.

  • AGATSU Certified Personal Trainer