Having a Personal Trainer used to be considered a luxury, reserved for “the elite” or for “professional athletes”. Studies, research and visual proof show that a personal trainer can accelerate your goals to attain weight loss, athletic training or strength building.


The JS Fitness team knows that health, fitness and wellness are vital to anyone in any condition and stage of life.

Personal training needs to be accessible to everyone; not just an elite few!

To accomplish this, JS Fitness “a transformation studio” is offering a new concept in personal training and is blowing the doors wide open to allow total access to anyone who wants the fitness results that only a personal trainer can offer.

No longer will money or time be a barrier for our clients

Jonathan Sciacca – Owner of JS Fitness

Our SEMI-PRIVATE PERSONAL TRAINING allows 2 to 4 individuals to share a session time with one of our expert personal trainers.  Each client receives an individual training program and not a “one-size-fits-all” solution like you find in group training.  These programs are tailored to the specific strengths and needs of a particular client who is then closely monitored by one of our expert fitness trainers/coaches.

These sessions are efficient, effective and structured to meet the personal goals of each client. As an added benefit our clients often form new “accountability” teams leading to friendships, encouragement and most importantly support for the wins and struggles they each face during their journey.

Best of all, these semi-private personal training sessions are designed to give you all the impact and results of working one-on-one with a professional personal trainer at significantly reduced rates!


This format dominates our membership and our members cite the following reasons for choosing semi-private training:

 Memberships are very budget friendly

 Sessions are fun and social. You are paired with other members who share a similar fitness level.

 The other members help increase accountability; your trainer and your fellow members all become accountability partners.

 If struggling to meet goals, there is access to a trusted, friendly group who can offer advice or alternate perspectives.

A complete WIN-WIN solution!

Call and speak with one of our fitness experts, who will explain the structure and benefits of semi-private personal training.  Or, come in for a FREE Trial Session!  See for yourself the massive benefits you receive; experience the difference between a big box gym or a typical personal training studio.   See for yourself why JS Fitness is a “Transformation Studio”!  The difference and the results are clear.

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