New Year’s day 2013, I weighed over 215 lbs. My new year’s resolution was that I would never have to resolve to lose weight again. I was a 42 year old, working mom of 2 young boys with a life that was no more or less busy than anyone else’s. In the past I had tried it all from organized reputable weight loss companies, to online group coaching and everything in between. That week, a friend encouraged me to sign up for a 12-week weight loss challenge at a personal training studio. I was a bit hesitant to spend the money but with the support of my husband and the company of a couple of girlfriends, I jumped in. From my first consultation with Jonathan I was put at ease in an unintimidating and welcoming environment. The workouts were challenging, always with a new twist (or more appropriately jump, squat, or lunge). By mid-way of the 12-week challenge I was under 200 lbs for the first time in years and muscles were starting to appear. At the end of the challenge I was down 27 lbs (almost 13% of my starting body weight). This time it just all seemed to “click” and the weight came off. A little more than a year later I was at 140 lbs, could do “real” push-ups, had muscle tone and could run 5km without stopping.


I continue to train with Jonathan three times a week. The question I get most often outside of “how did you do it” is “how much does it cost?” I am in the best shape of my life; I am happier and more confident than I have ever been. I no longer walk into a room and find the nearest corner to sit in, or hide behind my kids in pictures, nor do I just sit on the sidelines and watch them play. My boys, as young as they are, see the difference in how I look (my youngest loved the day he could wrap his arms all the way around me) and how I eat and workout. They mimic my lifestyle trying to make healthy choices themselves and wanting to do workouts too. It is then that I realize you cannot put a price on living. The justification that I give is that I have no problem spending money for my kids to play travel sports or buy the newest and best equipment for them, surely the money I put out on myself to be the best mom, wife and person I can be is well spent.


Jonathan has proved to be one of the most influential people to come into my life in the past few years. He often knows my limits better than I know them myself; he can see when I still have a few more left in me and just as importantly when I have nothing more to give. He has heard the variety of ways I have to tell him I hate him, but remains a friend usually coming back with a smile and a “you can do this”. I have always wanted to be an athlete and with Jonathan’s guidance I think I might just be there. I am a mere few pounds away from my ultimate goal…a goal that at the beginning of the challenge I couldn’t even bring myself to vocalize because I thought it was unattainable. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Jonathan for bringing me to this point and look forward to meeting the next challenge.

I encourage anyone who is considering personal training to meet with Jonathan and see what he has to offer. I welcome you to join me for one of my training sessions. From my experience weight loss is not a journey that I could complete on my own, much of my success is thanks to the knowledge, encouragement, and training that has been provided by JS Fitness.