I cannot say enough about Jonathan Sciacca and the impact he has had on me.  In January 2013, I weighed 190lbs.  I had always been abe to lose weight in the past, but had never managed to keep it off for any length of time.  A classic yo yo.  Now, in my early 40s, I was finding that even the losing weight part was no longer working and the scale was continuing to go up.  A friend of mine had just completed a fitness challenge and she looked amazing.  Jonathan is her trainer.  My friend told me about her training program and let me share a session with her and Jonathan.  I was very intimidated beforehand.  I was not athletic.  I didn’t play sports.  I had never belonged to a gym.  My level of fitness was non-existent.

After that first session, I was hooked.  Jonathan made me feel completely at ease right away.  He designed a training program uniquely suited to my ability that grew with me each session.   He was tough but endlessly encouraging.  He knew when to push me, but always with a smile and a “you’ve got this!”  He made me accountable, not to him, but to myself.  He was and continues to be proud of everything I’ve accomplished.

By December 2013, I had lost 45 lbs and I’ve kept it off.  I feel strong.  I feel like an athlete.  I started running 5Ks here and there.  Anyone who knows me would have a chuckle at that sentence right there 🙂 And then there’s yesterday, 10/19/14, yep, yesterday I completed my first half marathon.  Just. Crazy. I had tears in my eyes running across that finish line.

None of it would have been possible without Jonathan.  His positive presence and professional attitude motivate me to get up in the dark each week to make it to those early morning sessions  He is an amazing trainer and a great friend and he has helped me set an example for my 2 young boys that with hard work and the right support any goal is attainable.