My journey with Jonathan started way before I even met him.  I had seen a poster with some of his business cards, which someone had placed in our lunch room.  I took one and carried it with me for nearly a year.  Finally, at the end of January 2014 I had the opportunity to meet and train with Jonathan.  That first session really made me realize that I needed this, not just for weight lost but overall health.  Coming onto my 40’s, having had 3 children, ACL reconstruction, lower back injury and shoulder injury, I had neglected to take care of number one, myself.

Now, having been with Jonathan 10 months, I have dropped 50 lbs, lost inches and improved my overall health and endurance.  Just last weekend October 11, 2014 I ran my 3rd 5k race, having done this race last year I had a finishing time of 45 min this year I finished 35.45 min that is a 10 minute improvement and rated 85th out of 200-300 people.

Jonathan is everything I was looking for in a personal trainer and more.  He enjoys what he does and takes pride in the improvements his clients make.  Knowing that he takes such pride makes me respect him that much more and never wanting to let him down.   Every training day is different so you don’t get bored and you still get sore.  He takes the time to make sure you are doing every movement properly and he works at building on the problem areas to strength them.   I have no regrets and look forward to my next training day.