My first visit to JS Fitness was in October of 2016. Although I’ve been to many gyms and tried a variety of workouts over the years, I soon realized that training at JS Fitness would be different. Jon instantly put me at ease; he was there to challenge and encourage me through every movement while ensuring I had proper form and technique. Jon’s support and encouragement did not end with his training in the gym. Drawing upon his vast knowledge, he began to mentor me on nutrition and overall well-being. Nutritional coaching combined with his high intensity workouts began to transform my body. Fat turned into muscle and the weight began to fall off. My workouts at JS Fitness continue to be not only the most challenging I’ve ever experienced, but also the most rewarding. Just when I think I have reached my limit, Jon knows what my body is capable of and with his coaxing I am able to achieve more than I ever thought possible. I am now the fittest I have ever been and 41 lbs lighter!

In January 2017 my husband Dave began training at JS Fitness.  From a starting weight of 200 lbs, Dave was down to 165 lbs by Canada Day – and he’s maintained that weight since. Dave injured his right knee over twenty years ago. Time and a lack of focused activity led to an increasing level of discomfort. Jon’s exercises focus on strengthening the knee and Dave continues to become stronger while experiencing significantly less knee pain.

Our teenage son and daughter train regularly with Jon as well. They look forward to his sessions each week as they are customized to their individual goals and no two workouts are ever the same.

Although Jon has been our primary trainer, we have had the opportunity to train with Mike and Violet in semi-private lessons as well as attending their circuit training classes. Each member of the JS team is extremely knowledgeable and exudes a passion for helping their members achieve their fitness goals. My decision to join JS Fitness has been a life-changing experience and the most important investment in my health. I highly recommend Jon and his team to anyone who has a desire to improve their fitness and lead a healthier lifestyle.