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President / Owner / Trainer

As a former employee and personal trainer of the typical ‘big box gym’, Jonathan knew that he wanted to develop a concept about fitness that would not overwhelm participants when stepping into a gym. This lead to Jonathan beginning his own gym and guiding his clients to a place where nobody was just another sale of the month, where trainers genuinely cared about health and well being. The clientele grew and the fantastic result of his dream is J.S Fitness, a place where trainers take pride in helping clients see and feel results!

As the owner of J.S Fitness, Jonathan delivers a unique approach to personal training. He cultivates an atmosphere where people are comfortable to workout and never feel like anyone is judging the newcomer. To help members welcome fitness into their day-to-day lives, the private studio at J. S Fitness is equipped with showers and a complementary towel service, so they can take advantage of early workout sessions before work.

Why does Jonathan stress 30 minute sessions at J.S Fitness?

Because he is a big believer in the years of research and clinical studies showing that our bodies are not able to give 100% effort for longer than 30 minutes. The days of working out with 2 minute rest periods between hitting the same repetitive movements are over. Jonathan has proven results; he has helped people attain their personal best in 30 minutes per session, that’s all it takes! As a career trainer and fitness expert, Jonathan goes above and beyond to make sure each of his participants achieve their best possible results!

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  We are not just another big box gym or personal training studio.

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