Personal training is designed to help anyone no matter their current level of fitness, strength or activity.  Whether you are completely new to fitness training or if you are a seasoned athlete, private personal training is the ideal setting to help achieve your goals through both physical and mental conditioning.


You will start with an initial assessment, exploring specifics such as:


Current physical activity

Weight and measurements

You will also discuss your fitness and wellness goals.

Everyone has their own motivation, we want to understand Yours!

Our fitness experts understand exactly what your body and mind can do. We will provide specific motivation that will push you through those moments of extreme challenge. Our goal is to inspire you physically and mentally so that you get results you would not be able to achieve on your own.


While private personal training is a greater financial commitment, the results will justify the investment. For those who have a budget in mind or simply want to be a part of the bigger JS Fitness community, we offer semi-private personal training options as well as circuit classes.

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