JS Fitness –a transformation studio- offers a variety of membership options including: Private, Semi-private and Circuit training. While we do offer “drop-in” or “per session” options our studio is focused on building relationships and lasting results. Our members receive extraordinary value –including our commitment to their health and fitness goals!

Membership vs. Pay-as-you-go

1:  Like any life change, it takes time to build new habits, commitment and consistency.  We will always do our part, but we can only be successful if there is a commitment to consistent attendance from our clients.

2:  Maintaining predictable monthly payments is easier plan for on a financial level.  We don’t “pressure sell” with expensive add-ons or other monetary surprises.  Our members are like family so we treat each of them right!  Our memberships are all-inclusive so that our clients and their trainers can simply focus on achieving fitness goals.

Our experts are trainers… not salespeople!

How do you determine which membership is right for you?

We sit down with each client to discuss their specific goals.

Together, we determine which program and membership will best achieve those goals in a safe and effective way.

A payment schedule is arranged, agreements are signed and timeslots/training schedules are determined.

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If for some reason you need to cancel a session, simply let your trainer or the studio know as soon as possible; you can make up the session at another date.

Try out the JS Fitness difference and see why we are called a “Transformation Studio”.

  We are not just another big box gym or personal training studio. 

Our focus is on the complete transformation!