The talented trainers at JS Fitness do not run these classes like all of the other gyms.  They are right there with you – ensuring proper form and encouraging full participation so that maximum benefit is achieved from each of the movements. They will provide ‘modifications’ to exercises so that each participant can choose the format that will work best for their needs and fitness level.

Our high energy circuit classes are designed to be unique and challenging!

These classes are high energy and provide that extra encouragement to push a little harder.  In fact, we often find participants providing inspiration for one another!


These classes can be purchased as a separate package; or purchase a private or semi-private membership, and get them for FREE! Yes, these classes are a HUGE bonus to our clients. Imagine having access to an extra five training sessions per week- for FREE! It’s just one small gesture –among many others- to show how dedicated we are to getting our members in the best shape and health of their lives!

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