Best Friends Day at JS Fitness
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Best Friends Day at JS Fitness

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Best Friends Day is Wednesday June 8, 2016 and JS Fitness is going to Celebrate all week long!

Who listens to you grumble when your muscles are aching after a hard training session?  Your Best Friend!

Who is as proud of you as you are of yourself for the great results you are seeing from your training sessions?  Your Best Friend!

Why should you be the only to have sore muscles- and all of the wonderful results that come along with them!

Share this experience with your best friend and help them to realize that they can reach greater physical results with the team at JS Fitness!

We are adding three new group sessions each day – June 6th through June 10th! 

There is a time for everybody- 7 am, Noon or 6pm – so grab a friend and join us for a great workout and some fun!  Come as many times as you like that week!

It’s Free!

You already know how motivating it is to train at JS Fitness- now it’s time to let your friends find out too!

Sign Up Your Friends Now!

author: JS_Admin